The Best Diwali Gift Ever - Mandatory Health Warning On Firecracker Packs

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Today even if one doesn’t know how harmful cigarettes are, as soon as they pick up a pack, they’re told about it thanks to strong government rules. Firecrackers on the other hand, pose significantly larger health risks.

A 2016 study by the Chest Research Foundation, Pune, and students from the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences of the University of Pune studied the particulate matter released by firecrackers and that released by a cigarette and then compared the two. They found that even lighting a simple Anar for example, releases particulate matter that would be the equivalent of smoking 34 cigarettes, a Sparkler – 74 cigarettes, a Laad of 1000 – 277 cigarettes and perhaps the worst of them all, the snake tablet which is the equivalent of smoking 464 cigarettes all at once.

These figures are alarming and should be made known to every parent and child that purchases a firecracker. Yet, every time someone picks up a pack of firecrackers they are greeted with happy and celebratory images instead.

We wish to petition the government to make placing a strong warning about the hazardous health effects of firecrackers on each pack, mandatory. This will constantly remind people of the disastrous health effects of firecrackers every time they purchase them and over time, it will lead to a reduction in the number of firecrackers bought.

With your support, we can achieve this. So sign the petition and give your loved ones the best Diwali gift ever - a safe and healthy Diwali.