Supporting Working Mothers in Private sector

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Working  Mothers  in India  are very  thankful  of our Honorable Prime Minister  for 6 Months  paid  maternity  leave in private  sector.

After 6 months child still needs love,affection and care from mother. Think of mothers who lack adequate family and financial support, mother has to go for work, but it  becomes very difficult  for a mother  to  manage job and her child. As child  still  needs  special  care and  attention  of mother. With 8-9 hours/ 6 days  of job and limited  casual  leaves makes  difficult to give proper care to child. time of  mother is  very important for better  development of child. I am a speech language pathologist and can see effect of same on speech and  language development and emotional  development of child.

Today 's children are future of tomorrow ,so we as working  mothers want  implementation of child  care  leaves  and reduction   of  hours  without  affecting  th  salary and appraisals in private sector whether it is a small or big firm .