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Stricter Laws for Road, Rail and Air 'Roko'.

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In this time travel is must for almost everyone. Due to few indulging in stopping the movement of vehicles, several students cant go to their educational institutions on time, patients cant get required attention on time, service providers/rescuers cant provide service/help on time. It does not stop here, it has multi-fold effect. Ask a person who has missed a train/bus by few minutes, ask a student who reached the exam hall late by few minutes, ask a job seeker who missed an opportunity, ask an employee who was marked for late attendance due to these unruly hartals, rokos etc. It could have changed their life,mostly in a negative way.

Most of the these rokos are done by powerful and bad people. Even if the cause is good the rokos are going to affect unknown people at large and very bad.

If government bring strict laws to punish all those involved in any type of disturbance, lot of good, innocent and less-strength people will be benefited. The laws should be so strict that people would not dare to restrict others from moving to places.

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