Stricter enforcement of laws for rape punishment and more fast track courts.

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Thousands of rape cases are "reported" every year in India. And there are much more cases which doesn't get reported. And I bet, the cases that are reported are only 10% of the number of cases that actually happens.

RAPE, rape isn't just an attack on the body, but an attack on the soul. We can't even think what a girl goes through when she gets raped. It snatches the entire will from a girl. One incident destroys all her dreams, goals, happiness. And not just for one girl, thousands of girls. Because all the girls are affected from it, they fear to go out in the night. And nowadays not just in the night, but in the daylight also, girls are getting harassed.

It's just enough. Now we can't see and don't want to see any more Nirbhaya, Bitiya or Dr. Priyanka Reddy. We know that there are laws against all these rapists, but are their punishments really enough? If yes, then why "everyday" we get to see news about some girl getting raped? 

We need stricter enforcement of those laws and more fast track courts that would only deal with these type of cases and give rightfull punishment to those rapists.