Strict Rules for Indian Government Employees based on their performance.

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It is clear that Most of the Government Employees are not working properly. Every time a person needs to wait or give a bribe to get the work done. Every time government Employees takes many days to complete  a simple or small task. There should be employee policy for government employee to kick them out who is not completing their task on time or taking bribe to get a work done.

Government employee should be treated same as a private company's employee and there should be policy like kick them out if their performance goes down. Reason to sign this petition is I have gone through lot of problems while getting work done from government employee and which is still pending.

All the Indian citizen knows, it is very much irritating and frustrating when they know that they have to do some paper work or any other work with government employees.

People like me who are working in private sector need to take leaves every time to get things done in government sector. Even the online services takes minimum of 10 days to complete a simple/small task. clearly, government employees are not working properly. They are getting huge salary, long list of paid leaves and lots of other benefits and still they are worst at service. 

I would like to have a law/policies for government employee same as private sector employee. Keep the exam every year to test their knowledge, keep an eye on their work, how much time they take to complete a task and keep a track of their performance. At the end, if any employee is unable to perform well then they should first warned and then kicked out and give chances to other person.