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Stopping animals from freely roaming in India

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While we are marching ahead towards developing country to developed country, planning out smart cities and making continuous efforts towards building a great nation, Animals like Cows, Pigs, Stray dogs should be banned to roam freely in urban area and city area.  

Definite impacts on urban life:

1. Animals Pooping/Urinating on roadside, railway tracks, bushes creates vulnerable environment for foreign visitors and difficult for every citizen for our coming generation to set an example towards modernization.

2. The milkmen in India, I think, let their cows roam free as they know that they will get free food. The fodder which they feed to the cattle comes moderately expensive. The cows move from one house to the other (as there is scarcity of green lush grass field in cities) to get fed by the people living in the houses. It cuts down the fodder expenses to a great extent for the milkmen (the cow owners). I have seen other countries where the special farms laid in green landscape in acres dedicated for Cows, Pigs and other animals attached to the dairy business. So, we should develop a stringent laws to manage the Tabela and Dairy units strictly kilometers away from Urban areas and develop a proper supply chain for products to cities. 

Another reason for animals (mainly cows and buffaloes) roaming freely on roads is mismanagement of the local governing bodies. The people responsible for keeping the cows away from the roads are sometimes bribed by some milkmen, so that the cows don't get captured by them. But this has to change. Hope it does.

And I think corruption is the only root cause to lot many problems like this which is hindering our growth.

3.  According to reports, a sharp increase in number of road accidents observed due to animals in urban areas which is not good sign for country like us targeting modernization and when we are at a planning stage of smart cities. These problems causes road accidents, traffic jams, damage to public properties, vulnerable to citizens and makes difficult to manage cleanliness and damages the "Swattch Bharat" brand which is our big single point agenda to become a great developed nation.

And please don't get me wrong, Being a Hindu, I strongly worship our cows from childhood in our village. However, if Cow is our Mother then she should be kept in a well behaved manner and special homes like Gowshalas, Tabelas and dedicated modern farms kilometers away in a pollution free environment where she gets all the modern facilities and produce good dairy products as well.

While I also agree that India wouldn't be clean or develop until we ourselves promise to keep it clean and motivate others to do so and Solely depending upon Government is not the solution, there should be a robust and strict framework and citizens should be made to follow the of rules strictly without corruption to support this initiative.

4. Last but not the least, foreigners who visit writes in their blogs to describe India like this.

We should do efforts towards changing our image globally.

Help me bring accountability to this system to change this jointly with citizens of India.

Thank you for your support,

Pratik Chhichhia

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