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Government of India: Stop the violence against my family & me, so I, A WIDOW, can have a Roof over my head!

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Violence against women across India! Violence against Christians in Kolkata! When will it ever stop? Please join me by signing this petition asking the governments of Kolkata, West Bengal, and India to stop the violence against my family and me who have been suffering for the past ten long years with no roof over our heads.

Requesting people around the world to pray for us as we are unsecure in the hands of our Nation, as our Government & Judiciary & Police are unable to give us Justice or to protect our rights because we have terrorists & rapists not only in the borders but living among civil Society and are continuing to cause disaster to hundreds of families & lives.

I am an Indian Senior Citizen and a Widow living with my children & grandchildren made to suffer for the past 10 yrs. & my government & my Police are unable to help me with Justice or for the matter of fact for any victims. My Country needs severe prayers.

My house just caught on fire due to my roof being damaged putting our lives and our neighbours’ lives in danger, because the Police and my Government is waiting for us to get crushed and die then they will do a postmortem and then they will take these people into custody, and they will pay their way through the law and only to get out of it.

My name is Mrs. Patsy Rixon. I am an Anglo-Indian, Christian WIDOW living in Kolkata who has suffered greatly at the hands of local hooligans led by party members Zubair Safvi and his son Ibrahim Safvi alias Bablu who are using their muscle power and political pull as well as religion to try and drive my family & me out from our home, so they can have the property for their own nefarious designs. My family and I have lived in this home for many generations spanning nearly a century now.

We have been repeatedly attacked. Having lost my husband at an early age leaving me with five daughters and three sons to fend for my own along with other family members, life was hard enough, but then local hoodlums who were driven from our area years ago returned to plague us all and try through very crafty means along with horrendous violence have tried to force my family and me from our home!

In addition, one son-in-law has died of a stroke leaving my daughter a widow as well and her children orphans, and one other daughter has died due to the complications of such a stressful life in deep depression. I have only one small room left which is now caving in due to the onslaught of the monsoon rains. My son was struck in the face while sleeping from a brick falling down upon him just this week alone! I myself have along with other family members had to seek medical attention from the hospital due to the personal attacks of violence! They attacked my home and have torn down one other room completely.

We have repeatedly sought help from every sector of society to shelter us from the continual abuse of attacks upon our very lives. We have spent years crying out in demonstrations on the streets, sending tons of letters, making calls, going before so many officials with emails, videos, and all kinds of documentation! No one will help us and take any action whatsoever! We fear the walls will collapse and bring destruction not only to our home but to our very lives or others as well! No help can be found! Through manipulation and muscle power the local goondahs stand steadfast against us while no one will take any action to save our lives.

We read in the news of all the rape and violence against women. The brutal atrocities being done while the world looks on, and no one takes notice! Our fair city of Kolkata, the city of joy has now been relabeled as the city of cold and cruelty! I myself am very much aware as I face such fear each and every day of my life! No one is there to support me! I stand alone—tired and weary—with only my faith in God and my family to help me stand!

Today, we read of mobs attacking Christians, schools, and women & girls while the authorities do nothing. We have been taken advantage of in the courts being dragged into frivolous suits which mean nothing in order to delay, block, and divert justice while depleting our personal resources. Police are shown in the media taking wrong action and that is exactly what has happened in our case! We are harassed greatly and turning to you to sign this petition against the repeated violence against us!

We have everything we need to complete the work and have tried time and time again to make the necessary repairs having gotten all the proper clearances and paperwork required to do so, but each time we try, the mobs are assembled and the workers are beaten, stripped naked, and chased far across the city making certain they will never return! What a shame on our society!

Please join my family & me in taking our story to the authorities once again! Each time this petition is signed an email goes to all the authorities listed. Please sign this immediately and share it to get as many people as possible to sign it as well, so the authorities here in Kolkata, West Bengal, and India who sleep safe and sound each night in their own homes with a proper roof can face a monsoon of messages in hopes they get the message that it is time to stop the violence!

Please help us to let them know to simply let this widow build her roof and live in peace in her final fragile days upon this earth in our fair city safe and sheltered from the fear and wickedness of a weary world full of trouble! Sign and seek justice for my family & me! God Bless you!

Thanking You!


The Patsy Rixon Family
No. 2 Waliullah Lane
Ward #62

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