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STOP RAPE atrocities against women and introduce tough laws for criminals.

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"The woman was attacked at around 2am when she was returning from Delhi to her residence in Sector-17", this heading of a news is not a crime by a women.

A rape can never bring a girl or women back to what she was before those moments of terror she went through. She is someone's daughter, sister, wife, mother and above all a respected citizen of our nation, deserving equal rights to live her life without this torture.

It's the worst thing an insider or outsider can do to a women. The rate of rape cases in India is increasing; not to forget the ones that don't get media attention, goes unreported, 'SHE' made to feel bad about reporting it to police and the ones where threat is involved.

We all wonder did "Nirbhaya" incident bring any change? Does it scare the lusty, dirty and tiny-minded wolves of our society? Does it keep them away from attacking a women's pride?

The answer is NO. But the question is "WHY"?

Why are they subject to this atrocity? Why are these criminals not afraid? What is wrong with men of our society? Yes, we will all talk about educating our sons to respect women, we will all take pledge to respect, we will all do candle light marches and what not. However when it comes to producing criminals in court and punish them, our system and the process will take 4 - 5 (or more) years to bring justice for someone who is shattered within minutes, whose pride is left to cry and emotions are left for cruel past. 

I, along with millions of fellow-Indians and on behalf of rest, ask the government of India, Prime-minister of India, Health ministry, Safety and Security ministry & departments to take "safety of women" with utmost importance and introduce the toughest ever law to punish the identified criminals as soon as they are arrested and tested positive for crime.

We need a law, that should bring more fear in a criminals mind while hearing a judge read out the sentence, that a women faces during that hour of terror. The severity should be so high that anyone trying to force himself next time, should sweat thinking about the after effects. Death penalty, cut the genitals or whatever, just do it if you found the criminal. No longing years as it adds even more pain to the "Nirbhaya's of our society". Destroy the "Kuch Nahi Hoga" mindset before a next incident takes place.

We all believe in our system but need it to improve.

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