Stop Land Acquisition Bill

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  1. Indian Farmers MUST NOT go hungry to feed the nation
  2. All Indian Farmers MUST be 'offered' and then 80% consented.
  3. Indian Farmers have right to approach court DIRECTLY, at free will
  4. Indian Farmers MUST be compensated with 4 times REAL MARKET VALUE  + Stakeholding in project - within 1 month of acquisition
  5. Indian Farmers MUST be returned the land if unused for 1 (one) year. Use means investing 20% of sanctioned capex
  6. Indian Farmers MUST be permanently rehablitated & resettled at once with EQUAL OPPORTUNITY of Economic, Social and Infrastructural facilities
  7. Indian Farmers MUST be 100% part of social impact assessment team
  8. The word 'Entity' MUST be dropped from the bill. Land Acquisition MUST be for government and company's project ONLY


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