Stop Killing Of People in the name of Religion and Caste.

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Hello! I am 12th pass student, here with you to share something very important which is going on in the country and needs to be bring to an end with solution else it will ruin everything. Just one question, all the 18-19 years youngsters ,not only them but I believe this is the voice of many but I just dare to question up this to Government-“What is happening in this Country, is this the India we talk about to hand over to our Youth and Upcoming generations.”So, I am just here with an appeal to the country to stop being influenced in the name of caste and religion and be a part of the mob whose motive is just destruction. Because the POLITICS which influence all this remains the part of power ,the common people are the ones who either lose their lives ,money or suffer from these BRAINWASHED MOBS that comes with the Blue Flags to just burn up the city to hurt the policemen which served them and law before themselves. Just one word for such people “SHAME ON YOU IF YOU CALL YOURSELVES A MAN”, because if you really are then you would have been a part of us and compete with us like all the others. I saw the news, the way they destroyed Crores of Public property, stopped ambulances with patients and even a pregnant woman, hit a 7 year old girl with rod, burnt up the police stations and all, after all this you really deserve a quota and reservation but not of SC/ST or Backward Classes, but of a class called as the “DEVILS”, I just can’t abuse here else I had a way better word for these people.

While growing up I believed that the only way that I can escape this system is EDUCATION, but once again I was wrong on my decision because the way the education has become an profit industry instead of a medium to deliver thoughts of enlightenment and success, I don’t know where all it ends. One more self experience I wanted to share. I joined up coaching as I was preparing for IIT-JEE, I used to go up by an E-Rickshaw because my parents either could have paid the fees or buy me a two-wheeler. There was one friend of mine who belonged to Scheduled Tribe, but I never really made him felt so and luckily his Dad had enough money to send him to coaching on two-wheeler. So this shows that not every Backward Class Family is exploited and not every General class Family has enough money for everything. Both of us scored same marks in JEE Mains last year I had a ALL INDIA rank of 162000 and according to the JEE MAINS Top 2,20,000 students were allowed for JEE ADVANCED so I secured a much more safer rank but still I was not given admission, and my only fault was to be born in a General Class Belonging Family, so my seat was given ahead of me to Reserved Classes where as on the same marks my ST friend was offered admission in Delhi Technical University with a Branch of Mechanical Engineering, which is still a dream for many of us. I realized that in this country securing marks and clearing is not tough, facing a double competition with Reservations in addition to marks is what made thousands like me to lose.

I belong to a Middle Class Family, My Dad owns a small shop and deals in industrial hand gloves and my Mom is a Housewife. They never really taught me anything about Caste-Religion and All. My grandfather used to sit on Floor to have lunch with the servants who worked at shop, my mother used to pack special food for housemaid for her family on any special occasions we used to celebrate, but they never really let them feel that they are untouchables or backward. I used to go to Gurudwara also and to Temple also, I used to listen to Dargah Qawalis also and prayed outside Church on Sunday’s and my parents never really stopped me from practicing it.

Then, Why all of us can’t be like this why we see religions caste as our identity instead of our Nationality-INDIAN as our identity, just like the way the Kerala did, why can’t we just remove Religion and Caste Columns from the School, Colleges and other important documents.

Answer is still unknown to me, but one thing that I realized is that these communities just become part and parcel of politics, as nothing can a be greater vote bank than them, And I am not naming any Political Parties here but all of us are aware that their votes can just change the person who will be in power.

 That day I believed that everything can be removed but this bug of RESERVATION will keep on eating us so I just gave up engineering thoughts I guess the biggest decision or sacrifice I made not because I lose to myself, but just because I lose to this CORRUPT and RESERVED system. Just like the way the students who gave SSC exams lost, Just like students who gave CBSE exam lost, Just like the way the boys and girls are treated in EXAMINATION HALLS when they are forced to remove their clothes and undergarments, just because this system only knows how to bring out RESERVATIONS, just because this system is not capable enough or fails every time to bring out fair conduction of examinations, so they put their blames on other in this way.

I believe this is not only my voice this is the voice of INDIAN YOUTH just asking one thing what wrong have we done, if we were born in GENERAL family. What wrong have we done if I am an average student but just miss chance to study in elite institutions because I belong to a GENERAL family. I have nothing more to lose as I already lost up on my dreams and chances, but here I am with an appeal to all please just don’t be a part of this race of RESERVATIONS. And I guess by giving Reservations in this 21st century to them will never let that happen what Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar really wished to do, the upbringing of the backwards. He wanted reservations for them for their upbringing and development, but again POLITICS used them as vote banks and here are we after 70 years of Independence, with 71st coming up soon. Now all these communities have started taking their privileges for granted, and are even misused. Even Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar believed that exploitation of backwards is unacceptable but the backwards, tends to remain backward in future is also unacceptable.

If this system really needs reservations then why can’t we just make just one Quota E.B.C- Economically Backward Classes. Because not every General is Rich or Lucky enough to afford everything and not Every SC/ST or OBC is poor enough to not afford the basic needs.

An final appeal to all those who are just setting up cities on fire please don’t, at least when you don’t even know what changes have been made in the SC/ST Act by Supreme Court. Because I saw many who don’t even knew what changes have been made still they were throwing stones and organizing BHARAT BANDH. Many of us lost or chances and sacrificed dreams because your reservations were strong enough to break us down but at least don’t destroy properties and hurt citizens of your own country in any means. If you have any problem with Supreme Court Decisions, respect the Law and Approach the court with your thoughts not stones and guns. Because you belong to backward classes not groups of Terrorists or Maoists. And if you really feel you all are more deserving than all of us give up your quota be a part of Merit and Take It, and be Deserved ones not the Reserved ones, taking everything for granted. And if you can’t at least please don’t create the nuisance in name of caste and religion the way you are creating in various parts of the country.