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Stop Government high-handedness making Aadhar implicitly mandatory

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The coercion of enrolling with Aadhar is growing by the day. The Finance Act, 2017 is the latest example of the insidious destruction of our constitutional democracy.

The implicit mandate for compulsory enrollment with Aadhar and its opaque management by UIDAI is signature of a totalitarian regime.

Some of the issues are as follows:

1. Aadhar Card can be easily counterfeited as it is not a security/hologram-based card. Multiple printouts of the same will be considered as "original".

2. Aadhar Enrollment is not a "one-time affair", but holders are required to update their demographic and biometric information as specified by regulations.

3. Aadhar-enabled fraud is possible with fake biometric authentication giving rise to widespread risk of identity theft.

4. The encryption of the database is not proven beyond doubt, especially with the advent of quantum computing and other technology which allows even the most securely encrypted data to be hacked.

5. The presence of Aadhar servers in US, where the US government can lawfully access the data without anybody's permission.

6. Once breached, a person's biometric identity is unusable for life due to its permanent nature unlike passwords/pins.

7. No possibility of self-verification of the biometrics by the holders to ascertain whether database is properly updated.

8. Large-scale authentication failures are already seen in many places.

Without resolving any of the multiple concerns raised by various quarters over the legitimacy, usefulness and security of the scheme, the government is forcing the citizenry to give up their basic rights.

This petition is a humble request to the government to lay to rest the pertinent concerns before going forward.



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