Sterlite Killings Today: Give us back our freedom to live, breathe & to speak without fear

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Sterlite Killings Today: Give us back our freedom to live, breathe & to speak without fear

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Today, Sterlite protests had to be averted by bringing snipers and shooters to shoot civil people down. Is Tamil Nadu Government and the Government of India not ashamed of such a dirty act? A child was tracked down back to her home and shot dead. Family members who went back to claim their dead were harassed and beaten up, looted and some of them missing as well. Are the Governments and commissions not ashamed?

While all the commissions have been formed. All laws claimed rigid. We have no protection against violence and no real freedom to speak.

If we were free and the Government, a people's Government, the Government would have listened and responded. Look back in you emails and letters, in this very portal, there will lie numerous petitions signed by thousands of supporters seeking your attention and seeking your nod with regard to issue - the issue of Sterlite and its operations polluting our air. To help the people breathe clean air. How much more did they ask?

And what all talks and conferences did the Governments hold with these people who have been peacefully protesting for so long?

And this is what you do to protestors who ask simply for clean air to breathe, in return for obeying the Government and its laws? In exchange to millions of taxes we pay. Is this how the Government will repay?

Please give back the lives of those who are dead.

Not possible, isn't it? Was is not everyone's duty to give us a safe space to speak. How many of our petitions have been comfortably not responded to? And our views respected and responded to. Has this been ever done to avert such mishaps in the first place? Please go ahead and do the usual thing you do. Blame the oppositions. Blame fringe elements. Blame politics. Blame Collector. Blame Police Personnel. You see we have written and endorsed something against you. So are we safe in our own country for which's upkeep we pay taxes in anything and everything? What are the institution going to do to ensure that we speak freely and are heard without having to gather for days. Without having to get ourselves killed. Without fearing the police force meant to protect us and our children. What is it going to be?

Inaction, Inaction, Inaction. Finally leading to Protests and violence. how many more such?

Our laws gave all suo motu powers to these institutions which is but sitting and watching. Or are they going to ensure us a space to safely raise our concerns, to be heard and action taken?

Added Petition Ask as on 27/05/2018:

Reference Articles of UN Human Rights... For the authorities and office bearers..

Article 19
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes
freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart
information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
Article 20
1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.
2. No one may be compelled to belong to an association. 

Article 5
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
or punishment.

Articles 1 & 2

Ask 1: 

Immediate relief and release to/of detained and being harrased protestors on ground. Onus of proving valid reason transparently before any smallest of action on protestors is on the law enforcement, administration and Governments. No action otherwise should be considered valid under any circumstances and such accused be arrested and tried for murder/abduction/or such like a common man.

Ask 2:

Restore all data services immediately to ensure they have a media to report possible or past atrocities to their friends or family or authorities outside Thoothukudi

Ask 3: 

Take severe action against all the authorities involved. Transfer is no valid punishment for murder. No codes were followed by authorities.

Ask 4: 

Immediate arrest of all involved. It is not possible for such equipment to be made available to the executors without good levels of permissions and support. 

Ask 5:

Immediate demolition of unauthorized structures of Sterlite as penalty for raising buildings in its premises without necessary approvals without any room for negotiations or appeals.

Ask 6: 

Paymenent of fine for all excessive operations, equal to incomes earned from such than sanctioned capacity for all the years. Use of this for rehabilitation of all victims and potential victims, clean up of environment and such.

Ask 7:

Stop all and seal all operations of Sterlite until reasons for cancer, poor air quality, foul smell and water contaminations and all forms of  degradation are properly accessed and understood by different agencies and civil society, irrespective of the many number of years such investigations  could involve. People's nod should be final to any decision making. 

On further preventive measures:

Ask 1: Protection and unhindered sanction of these provisions must be reflected in law and policy. A simple intimation by email, post or petition to authorities must imply implicit permissions to protest. Often violations happen due to withholding of permissions by people in power. And this has been usual. Any denial of permissions to be furnished with reason by authorities in writing. Denial of permissions appeal able immediately with superior rights to people. Ensuring democracy and people power should be key to such laws and regulations.

Ask 2: People must have supreme power in a Democracy. A people's protest must be responded to with necessary dialogues and open consultation with the gathered people in the presence of the stakeholders and administration holding the necessary power to do so.

Ask 3: People must be protected in case of protests by police. Police are people protectors.

Ask 4: The Supreme duty of the Police must be to protect the general public. Mental health and morality of all officers and riot police needs sincere correction. Timely action by authorities will never culminate into riots. Any 'infiltration of fringe elements' claimed by police must be informed to the wider public through all means of media before any claimed blood bath act of bravery.

Ask 5: We understand our priorities, our tax money should be used to used to respond to our requests effectively through reliable channels within rigid deadlines. So many pending online petitions can be seen in this very portal as well. These need to be taken up more seriously.

 I may lack the necessary knowledge of the graver injustices which could mean despite all my trivial asks. Still, in all good faith, and as a believer of non-violent protests despite such graver injustices, we ask you justice. What has happened in Thoothukudi is too big an injustice. Please do not insult the dead or kill more. This is a democracy. I hope everyone has this in mind.

 With a sigh and dying faith.. but still carrying the burden of believing in petitioning, rights and democracy and peaceful representations, I request petitioners to feel free to write to me their asks. My email id is After brainstorming they can be included in the petition. Any feedback on written demands, please let us know.