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Solar Panel installation on all Private Offices in India

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Solar energy, which is the most abundant source of energy is getting wasted.

If we have Solar panels installed at various places, we can use that energy in our everyday work. Below are some examples of installation:

1. Solar Panels can be installed on roofs of the buildings.

2. Solar Panels can be installed as part of vehicle parking sheds.

3. Retractable Solar Panels, Solar Umbrellas can be installed at open places like food joints.

4. Retractable Solar Panels can be installed at Glass Windows of the buildings. This helps save power in two ways. a) Solar Panel will generate power. b) Less heat will enter the building thereby saving the power used in ACs.


1. It can be used to charge UPS battery, which otherwise use normal electricity or diesel to charge.

2. Fuels like Diesel is used to get power in case of Power Cuts. More batteries can be added to to store the added power from Solar Panels.

Requesting Government of India and all State Governments to come up with a Law to make Solar Panels Mandatory at All Private Commercial Buildings, New and Existing.


If we do not get this done, things will go on as usual. Solar energy will continue getting wasted. Conventional fuels like Diesel will continue getting used contributing to already hot environment. We all will continue facing so much heat. Leave Earth in very bad shape for our next generations.

But if we get this done, all we will have is BENEFITS. Solar energy will be used. There will be less heat. There will be less power needed from Hydro-Electricity. There will be less Diesel burnt.

Please make this happen!


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