Save Sri Aurobindo Bhawan Kolkata - Birth Place of Sri Aurobindo

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Sheikh Hasina’s offer to restore Sri Aurobindo Bhavan

West Bengal Govt. and Bangladesh Govt. are planning to restore the birth place of Sri Aurobindo Bhawan Kolkata. If this is done the control of Sri Aurobindo Bhawan would be passed to Bangladesh Govt.

Please sign the petition to Govt. of India to take over Sri Aurobindo Bhawan Kolkata and prevent West Bengal Govt. from passing the control.

Here are some details :

Following her meeting with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Saturday that the government would “think through” a proposal to give access to the Bangladesh government to restore Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, the birthplace of a leading political and spiritual figure of Bengal, Aurobindo Ghosh, popularly known as Rishi Aurobindo.

Ms. Banerjee extensively discussed the issue of restoration of the building with the Bangladesh Prime Minister. “The place was with them [Hasina’s family] for a long time. Now it is Aurobindo Bhavan, perhaps under the Ashram [trust]. They [Sheikh Hasina] want to restore it. Both the countries will talk about it [and] find out if they [the trust] agree and accept land elsewhere,” she said on Saturday. The Chief Minister’s comment sparked controversy.


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