Save paper in Court


Save paper in Court

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Started by Samyaa Goyal

I am Samyaa Goyal of 9th at The Shri Ram School, Aravali, NCR, and I have observed in a court case file that the case papers have a lot of spacing between two lines and they are only one side printed. This is the format for submitting documents in the court. It has only 24-25 lines and that too on Legal size paper which is 8.5 inches in breadth and 14 inches in length and it can easily accommodate 50 lines. 3 pages of the current format be can easily accommodated in 1 page (A story printed in both formats attached). I really feel that if this way of writing is changed, tons of paper can be saved every year and as we all know paper is made from trees and indirectly we will be saving trees. I really want to do something to change this guideline.

If we take an approximate figure then the Supreme Court of India accepts about 8,000 cases in a year. Each case must be having at least 500 legal pages and as a general practice when a case is filed in Supreme Court, it has already been gone through District Courts and High Courts. All the cases filed have minimum 3 copies, one for the advocate filing the case, one against whom the case is filed and one for the judge.

An approximate calculation of paper used -
Approx. number of cases filed per year     :               8,000    
Number of pages per case                        :                  500
Number of copies                                      :                      3
Total number of pages                               :     1,20,00,000

The actual numbers are obviously more as there are so many courts like Family Courts, District courts, High Courts, Consumer Forums, Regional Councils, Mediation, Arbitration etc.

The solutions that comes to my mind for these two problems of single side printing and more line spacing are:

The format of document submission should be changed like:
1. No spacing between lines
2. Narrow margins(Top, bottom and right)
3. Standard font size
4. Mandatorily both side printing
5. Subsidy on dual side printers to promote it in other sectors/fields of business also.


This petition made change with 1,349 supporters!

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