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Save kidney failure patients from financial crisis

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Dialysis the process used to remove the waste and water from blood through machines as kidneys don't work. Its a life long treatment, ends either by successful kidney transplant or death of patient.

Cost of dialysis has became financial nightmare for all the family of middle and lower class kidney failure patient. I was unaware what is dialysis until my sister diagnosed 4 years back the average monthly cost of dialysis treatment for my family is Rs 22,000. Now i earn descent but still major part of my salary goes on her treatment. during initial period of dialysis i remember how badly the cost affected us financially. My father who was worker in company spent all his saving and even withdrew his provident fund for her treatment as his salary was not sufficient. Dialysis process takes around 3 to 4 hours twice a week i used to accompany my sister during that period i became acquaints with many family who were there for dialysis.There i met one family who sold there home due to cost of dialysis and where leaving in tiny rented single room. i remember one incident which happened 3.5 years back one family came with an elderly patient his son was auto driver when doctor told him that the dialysis will cost minimum Rs 2500 a week without hemoglobin and Iron injection. That man said that his salary will be just sufficient for her treatment but than how he will take care of his own children they returned with tears in eyes without treatment. I remember the cry of father who's around 30 years old son died during dialysis. The doctor have advised him 2 dialysis a week but instead they used to come for dialysis in interval of 10 to 12 days only when his condition used to get worsen as they could not afford the cost of dialysis twice a week. I used to see one lady of  around 23 to 25 years old. She was the young mother her husband left her as he could not bear the cost of dialysis now i don't see her in dialysis center and don't know where she is now. I remember one nine year old kidney failure patient crying in pain during dialysis and the face of his parent as they could not relieve there only child from that pain as the cost of transplant was around 6 to 8 lac when his mother itself was donor for him. The young parents were struggling to arrange for cost of transplant.

Recently i inquired for cost of transplant operation for my sister the doctor gave me estimate of minimum 12 to 14 lac as there is no donor for her from family the said estimate is huge for middle and lower class. In many country the dialysis cost is beard by Government. In our neighbor country Nepal 2 years dialysis cost is born by government  and even they help financially for transplant and after operation medication cost.  

With this petition  i want to request to health minister and government of India to regularize the cost of dialysis and transplant similar to what is done by bringing selling CAP of Rs 30,000 on stents for angioplasty.

I also want to request to all the reader to please Donat the healthy organs of deceased people it can change the life of many patients.

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