Sanitary pads is a basic necessity for women. In India we pay 12% GST, it must have 0%

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Every year around  25% of female students left school because of being embarrassed of blood stained clothes as they can't afford pads.

85% of girls in India still don't have sanitary napkins and use insanitary methods as they can't afford napkins, and now from implementation of GST girls gave 12% GST on them.

This is the basic necessity of every women and it comes under 0% GST .

When we have 0% GST on bangles , bindis, sindoor and condoms (how this can be a necessity life can run without these but sanitary napkins-"no"), then why not on sanitary napkins.

But 12% would also not gonna help as ex- pack of 10 pads cost approx Rs. 85, if 12% comes to 0% it costs Rs. 76 this is also not affordable to millions of women. There must be lesser price with 0% GST.