Right To Walk For Citizens Of India #pedestrianrights

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While the infrastructure development in India is taking place, one thing that is being missed is the pedestrian footpath and crossing. In many places hawkers occupy footpaths, or two wheelers are parked on it. Because of poor footpaths in Metros and absence of footpaths in smaller towns, people tend to risk their lives by being forced to walk on the roads. It is high time that while the government is upgrading the quality of roads, they should also improve the quality of footpaths. Government should now promote walking along with building roads.

Pedestrians are given more importance than cars abroad. One of the reasons of pedestrian deaths is that because at some places, there are no pedestrian crossings, people tend to cross in the traffic, which leads to fatal accidents. Instead of making lanes for bicycles and buses, government should first construct walkable footpaths for pedestrians.

While we keep on complaining about development that is going on in India, the Metro III work that is going on in Mumbai warrants a mention. MMRDA has constructed a small space along their barricades for the pedestrians to walk safely. We have never seen anything like this before. No contractor has ever used this small creativity.

According to a survey in 2015, the number of pedestrian deaths in road accidents in the country rose to 7,088 in 2015 from 6,690 in 2014. A total of 6,830 accidents occurred in 2016 in which 1,415 persons were killed. Of the 1,415 deaths, 600 account for pedestrians while 550 for two-wheeler riders.

Walking is essential for everyone. It helps reduce your weight and stress. It helps improve heart rate and regulates blood pressure.

Now by starting this petition, I hope the footpaths and crossings for pedestrians will be well constructed and people will find it safer to use the footpaths to walk. Also, they will start using zebra crossings to cross the road. India is a developing nation. Hence, the government should make sure that footpaths are also provided for, with the condition of roads being improved.


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