Restore Mr. Savarkar's quotes at Andaman's Cellular Jail

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Mr. Manishankar Aiyar, the then minister and the then Govt. of India had removed the quotes of Mr. Savarkar from the Cellular Jail, just out of sheer hatred towards the great freedom fighter. Mr. Savarkar deserves to be honored for his unmatchable sacrifices, but instead he is always humiliated after the independence for wrong allegations of his involvement in the Mahatma Gandhi's assasination. 

Revoluntioneries like Mr. Savarkar have contirbuted heavily in India's struggle for independence. A minister and a government alleged of numerous corruption charges have no moral right to insult such a great personality.

Mr. Savarkar's contribution to the Independece Struggle and to Literature is monumental and it is a moral responsibility of every Indian Government to respect all the greats from the past. 

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