Reservation should be ban it should be according to economical background

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Today we know that unreserved category during govt job preparation makes full efforts to get job but despite that much efforts they can't get job and reserved category candidate with little efforts get job with less marks than the one of unreserved category and in my opinion reserved category candidates study in same institutes in which unreserved category candidates study so where reserved category candidates lack in education they get what unreserved get so why they want reservation according to Dr Bhimrao ambedkar reservation should not given beyond 40 years but today it's 66 years reserved category exist and there are some students of unreserved category who can't afford to study in good institutions because they are poor but they have to fight in unreserved category only and do not get job until work hard but the one who is in reserve category will get job because they get benefits of category without seeing their background whether he or she is rich or poor but they belong to reserve category that's it.So think about reservation system