Request for Complete Dual Citizenship for NRIS for Shining Future of Canada and India

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On Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas Request for Complete Dual Citizenship for NRIS for Shining Future of Canada & India
From current statistics we know annual Indian immigration to Canada is 250000, to US is 100000, to UK is 50000 and to Australia is 30000 totaling to 430000 roughly half million per annum. By granting NRIs Complete Dual Citizenship, India & Canada can become world`s largest Economic powerhouse with entrepreneurship and missionary zeal of NRIs. This will built lot of positive energy.
To implement this positivity; the answer lies in dual citizenship for NRIs in Canada, Germany, France., Japan USA & other developed countries: to participate fully; to support our national economic agenda, especially our desire to create job opportunities for our youth by promoting India as a manufacturing hub, accelerate skill development for them and meeting our requirements for investments, advanced technology and resources. Unrestricted exchange of Spirituality of East & Logical Openness of West will be a winning mantra for our grand Bharat, as a result of dual citizenship. Double bonding of dual citizenship, will contribute to Entrepreneurship?, Vasudhev Kutumbhkam & world peace also. It will be a winning partnership.
With complete dual citizenship to NRIs, with annual flat tax money say $500/ per head can help shine India faster. By multiplying this amount with no. of NRIs, we can calculate annual foreign reserve India will get directly from NRIs for developing India at a rapid pace. OCI card does not fulfill complete aspirations of NRIs of full participation in rebuilding India. Many other countries have Dual Citizenship. This will take away the stigma from our political system that it is reluctant to embrace positive world changes & believe in access to authority without accountability without any tangible results. NRIs want to vote, get elected & want to contribute with finance, skill & social entrepreneurship. Let us ponder & build momentum over it together to build a strong India with a strong world economy, where none is deprived & mother India again becomes Golden Sparrow of Modern Economic World. There will be lot of job creations in Canada and India