Remove reservations from PG institutions in Healthcare

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Increasing reservation in the healthcare sector where the deserving candidate struggles to secure a seat and an undeserving candidate with much lesser rank, knowledge and effort easily secures the seat has already become disastrous. This will not only result in the general category candidate opting to move to a different country where his hardwork and knowledge is valued more but also will cause worsening of the already deteriorating healthcare system of India. Providing reserved seats to students with socioeconomically poor background is justified only till graduation. They are no more backward once they become doctors. Everyone deserves a fair chance to prepare and compete for the PG seat they want and reservation takes that away from them. A minimum of 50% of seats have already been taken away from the deserving candidates in all the PG Institutes in all states. But nowadays as soon as an election year comes up, the respective governments have started to indulge in votebank politics,  making it even more difficult for a doctor to survive in this nation. For example, in 2019 the Government of Maharashtra has increased the reservations to a staggering 81%! Now a candidate with 5000 rank will not be able to take admission to the branch of his choice but a student belonging to a reserved category with 70000 rank will easily secure a seat! Now imagine being treated by this very same doctor! High time we stopped murdering merit and help in the betterment of the healthcare sector of India. The nation now needs to decide who they want, the doctor they deserve or the doctor they reserve.