Resist the Draconian National Medical Commission Bill 2019

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Join the petition by the Central Executive Committee of Students' Federation of India (SFI) against the anti-public National Medical Commission Bill 2019. 

The National Medical Commission constituted by the central government will replace the existing Medical Council of India (MCI). The NMC bill is also anti-poor and anti-student as it introduces a common final exam (NEXT) to be appeared by all graduates from the country,which acts as a licensing procedure to practice as well as pursue higher studies. This will reduce the chances of people from economically weaker section entering the medical sector and if the proposed bill is implemented, a shortage of doctors will arise and will give a boost to quackery/fraud medical practitioners especially in rural area. Indian Medical Association has already pointed out that the term community health provider is vaguely defined under Section 32 of the NMC bill 2019 and many quacks would be legalised to prescribe drugs and practice modern medicine.The bill also recommends introduction of bridge courses to AYUSH doctors and utilising them in delivery of primary care. Also the merit seats and reservation seats for medical education have been reduced in the wake of the increase in management and NRI quota seats. Moreover the private management and deemed Universities will be free to fix their fees.The eligibility criteria to open a medical college has been further diluted and India's medical education is completely opened for commercialisation. The bill is also anti-democratic as it is aimed at centralizing the entire authority in the hands of the government. In-addition Medical council of India has 75% elected members and 25% nominated members whereas NMC will have only 20% elected members and 80% members will be nominated.

The National Medical Commission Bill Introduced with a claim to create a world class medical education system in India for ensuring adequate supply of MBBS doctors and specialists posses a serious threat to the medical sector of the country. Voice has to be raised opposing NMC 2019.