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India we do exist

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India, we don't want to be killed for being non-religious.

India, we are tortured both mentally and physically every now and then, People see us like devils .

We have no recognition in the country. India believes that everyone in the country follow a religion.

We have no place to live in peacefully. We lost our freedom of expression and we should identify our self with some religion in order to get work done. Government farms cant be fill as "atheist" as religion.

Don't we have basic rights to express our own opinions ?

We don't want to hurt anyone, we just express our opinions, that's just what we think and that's our prospective towards life.

Please,don't force us to follow any religion, it tortures us mentally.

We are also physically tortured by religious groups around us just for not participating in their religious practice.

We have all rights to live peacefully. So, don't force us into your religious practice.Even our dead bodies are cremated with your religious rituals, What's the point of it when we don't even follow any religion ?

We,urge government to recognize us by the constitution.As,India is a secular state we have all rights to be atheist, but why don't you recognize us ?

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