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Quick, Effective, Digital and Affordable and Accountable India Legal/Judicial system:

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Today corruption is rampant, non compliance is rampant because of ineffective, slow, manual and unaccountable Legal/Judicial system.

The root cause of all problems is the current Legal System. Imagine if the Legal system was functional then there would be better compliance and it would be good for all.

We want Government to do the following:

a)      Access :


Government to ensure the courts operate during extended hours (atleast till 8 pm)  and  on weekends (saturdays and sundays). We have enough of unemployment, how do you expect office going people attend to court during working hours and on working days ? Deadline for this access to start is by 1 October 2018.

b) Digitization of Legal Processes along with Video Surveillance:

1) there are 600 odd district level courts,

2) there may be 100 odd higher courts, 

3) and each district we may take another 5 courts (600 x 5 = 3000) 

We need to revamp around 4000 courts. And it is not difficult to digitize this size.

kindly quickly digitize these courts, enable them with online  paperless processes and keep them under video surveillance.

Deadline for this to commence is not later than 1/4/2018 and end the process by 31/3/2019. #DigitalLegalSystem

c) Free access to lawyers and legal advice:

Ensure free access to lawyer is available and during extended hours and there is a online feedback mechanism to check if these lawyers are doing a reasonable job. This for poor people. #FreeAccessToLegalAdvice

d) 100 % online payment:

Lawyers and Judges may be corrupt, we need to ensure that each and every transaction is billed and is done online. #CleanMoneyInLegalSystem

e) Judges :

Each and every judge must go through an audit to check if their wealth is commensurate to their declared income. This is a must.

Each Judge must be accountable for future audits, if it is found that Judge did willfully wrong decision, there must be economical fine as well as legal punishment. #JudgesUnderRadar  

f) Create Bench Strength of Judges and Lawyers:

More colleges with modern digital curriculum delivery to be initiated.

g) Turn Around Time for Legal Cases Closure:

Categorize cases and the lower level cases must be processed in not more than 3 months and no cases should be processed beyond 15 months. A proper tracker of progress of cases, on stage-gate basis must be published and payment of Judges must be linked to processing speed. #JusticeDelayedIsJusticeDenied

h) All past Judges’ wealth must be audited and if strict action to be taken in case of any irregularities.

i) Fast track courts for cases against political leaders, officers on government or public roles etc. here the time limit should be not more than 12 months. #FastTrackCourts



j) Necessary newer laws to be enacted to curb Judiciary’s outreach into trivial issues, especially when its own house is in mess.


k) Necessary newer laws to be enacted enforce all above and this process to be triggered not later than 31/3/2018 and should be concluded before 31/12/2018.


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