Public execution of rapists within 15 days.

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Women are afraid to walk alone on the streets at night, to wear clothes of their choice, to travel in a transport where there are no women and a lot other things because they feel unsafe. But are they safe if they avoid all of them? Are they safe if they are dressed in salwar kameez and are
home by 6" in the evening? Does this put them out of the danger of being raped or killed?
The nation knows what happened to Priyanka Reddy, a 26 year old doctor. She was gang raped by four men and burnt to death. This is not the first time we lost hope in humanity - the nirbhaya case still haunts us all. Who is to be blamed? What should be done? Protest and March? Did they help till now? Did they bring out justice? Did they ensure that no person in this country ever dare to commit this crime again? Unfortunately NO. They never did and will never do.
The people need to have in their minds the fear of law. The fear that they wouldn't be spared if they commit this crime. I request all to sign this petition to raise our voice making it a law - Public Execution of Rapists within 15 days of the crime. We proudly accept the policies and laws existing in the foreign states to develop our country, then why are we scared to make this a law to protect our women? This is high time that the government takes some action. So that every women can feel safe, so that this never happens again, so that India becomes a country where her daughters are treated like humans, so that a lot changes for the better.