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Providing Justice to Women for Independence, Protection, and Safety against Rapists

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We as humans, as a society, as a nation have the moral responsibility to ensure that the rights of all citizens are not violated but instead are protected. In the Indian Constitution it is stated, that "The State shall not discriminate any citizen on the grounds of sex." But unfortunately, In India, there are multiple rape cases that occur daily, and are simply ignored by the government. The government of India is not protecting the rights of women many times due to a conflict of interest or simply due to sheer carelessness towards women. Due to this, India's justice system is crippling and girls or women cannot get protection from government and law enforcement. Men are able to rape woman and still roam freely in society thinking that she is not going to say anything about it to anybody nor she'd file FIR(First Information Report) at the cost of her respect. These girls have to either end their life or live without respect in society. Today, Indian women are unsafe to go anywhere independently, wear the dress they like and to demand justice in public life, due to their fear of uncultured people and the ills of the society. 

     We, the women of India, will be able to live a safe and secure public life in India, if we can ratify and strictly enforce a law that severely punishes rape criminals. There should be a special fast track court to handle only rape cases to get immediate justice to victims and to punish the criminals, which must be handled by enforcement. Police officers must support rape victim. If this law is enforced, women will obtain the respect, and rights they deserve as a human.

I also urge UN to consider joining the fight to help the women of India obtain the rights they deserve.There must be a universal law established to protect women against rapist culture of their country. If a country or its system fails to provide justice to a rape victim, UN must intervention to provide justice to a rape victim no matter what country, culture or society she is from.

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