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Prime Minister Modi: Legalize Cannabis for both, Recreational and Medical purposes.

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Dear sir,

Up until 1985, cannabis wasn't classified as a hard drug and was legal in India. Then, due to various factors such as pressure from big Pharmaceutical companies, the World Health Organisation (which is also largely funded by big pharma) etc. It was classified in the same category of harmful, synthetic drugs such as Cocaine and Heroine under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985. Creating a misconception amongst the public that marijuana is indeed harmful, and not good for them.

For many centuries, mankind has been using cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. In fact, many call it the penicillin of Ayurveda. It's been a part of our culture since aeons.

It's quite evident that the ban was imposed all in the name of propaganda, since Cannabis was criminalised, yet Bhaang, which contains a variant of Cannabis (Cannabis Indica) wasn't, since it was a part of our culture and tradition, and was considered holy, nature's gift, which is exactly what Cannabis is. It's quite nonsensical to have it classified as a detrimental, synthetic drug whereas it is quite evident, that it is a natural substance.

In fact, various scientific studies have shown a Dependence to Physical Harm scale -

It can be seen that Marijuana (which is prepared from Cannabis), is less physiologically addictive and less harmful, unlike Tobacco and Alcohol (which are legal under Indian Law), which are in fact way more physiologically addictive and harmful to an individual. No wonder, we have no marijuana related deaths, since an individual would need to consume 650KG of Marijuana in a span of 15 minutes, in order for it to be considered a lethal dosage. Which no one has ever managed to do in the history of mankind.

Even after all this, Cannabis is still available in ample amounts in our country, and is scored illegally, and very seldom are these black market dealers reprimanded. If legalised, not only would we have a way better recreational and medical substance openly available, but also would have a more prosperous economy since it would virtually abolish the black market for cannabis/cannabis products, legally sold cannabis products can be taxed, bringing economic benefit to the nation.

Taking precedence from countries, such as the Netherlands, and a select U.S States, it's been observed that crime rates, alcoholism and tobacco consumption has exponentially dropped after legalisation.

Infact, a medical study shows that cannabis can actually be a medical substitute for alcohol -

Also, I believe that the myth, marijuana can get one addicted to harder substances such as Cocaine and Heroine is purely psychological due to it being grouped in the same category as them, causing an individual to feel that since Marijuana isn't doing much harm to their body, so even harmful substances such as Cocaine and Heroine would not do any harm, causing them to advocate to hard drug use, effectively increasing substance abuse, drug abuse cases.

Saying all this, we must keep in mind that marijuana too can be detrimental to an individual's brain development if it is consumed before the person's brain is completely developed, i.e. Approximately by the age of 25. Hence, if legalised we must set a certain legal age at which consumption is permitted.

Seeing the legalisation of hemp cultivation in Uttarakhand is quite an applaudable and progressive step. Yet we still have a long way to go and have to step further. Thus I beseech you, Respected sir, to really look into this matter with utmost sincerity and make informed decisions regarding this issue.

Yours faithfully

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