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Diabetes is a lifelong journey and unfortunately, the support we need to survive through is lacking.

Apart from the necessary healthcare support, our nation lacks the financial support in terms of mediclaim policies (OPD cost is exclusive of mediclaim)

Our nation has a huge population whose earnings might not suffice. In such a scenario, health issues like diabetes makes it worse for them to survive.

Most of the times, patients end up spending a major chunk of their earnings on Diabetes care which includes doctor’s consultation fees, pathology & radiology tests, medicine costs & cost of glucometers & glucometers strips.
Their maximum spending is on medicines & other needed accessories.

Glucometer strips being one major aspect of it, as we all know, most companies charge around Rs.20 per glucometer strip which is exorbitantly high compared to the production cost which is roughly 50 paise per strip.

A complicated diabetic patient (Type 1 diabetic child or a pregnant lady with diabetes or a kidney patient or many others) are advised to monitor blood sugars frequently, approx. 7 to 8 times a day which leads to a lot of expenditure.

The reduction in the prices of Glucometer strips shall ensure slight relief from the financial burden and help diabetics manage their blood glucose levels well and lead a healthy life.