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Juvenile crimes should be judged on the basis of the nature of the offense

The Minor accused in the heinous Delhi Gang Rape case is all set to get away with minor punishments. He might be given 3 months of community service and after the successful completion of it, he will be set free to mock at our cripple law and order system for the rest of his life.

The juvenile accused, who is said to be the most brutal of all the accused, is short of some five months to attain majority. If found involved in the crime after he has turned 18, the juvenile cannot be kept in the juvenile correction home or any other reformatory home for the minors as the Juvenile Justice (JJ) Act does not allow adults to be kept with juveniles in correction homes(Source: Times of India)

We, the citizens of India, hereby request in one common voice to the law makers and implementers of the Indian Legal System to look into the gravity of the situation first and then decide the punishment for the accused. A boy(or whatever he is) who first rapes a lady, mutilates her body and then tosses her out of a moving bus is not fit to be called a human being and hence he shouldn’t be judged on normal legal parameters. We request the concerned authorities to make an exception so that he gets a fitting punishment. We request the concerned authorities to set an example which will make all rapists-in-making shudder with fear. We request the concerned authorities to restore our faith in the Law Making and implementing bodies of the Republic of India. And we still have faith in you.

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  • Government of India, President, CJI

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