Present Covid-19 situation

Present Covid-19 situation

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Pritha Mondal started this petition to Government of India

Respected PM, 

Realising the present situation of India suffering from Covid-19 and the rate at which the pandemic is engulfing our country, I at once thought to make an appeal to you, of what most of the citizens think should be dibe for their own safety, for saving our beloved country.We truly have faith in you and know that none but you can make this happen. I would be obliged if you kindly take care of our concerns. Here are the requests listed on behalf of the citizens:- 

•Offices and other workplaces should arrange to run with 50% workers per day to avoid congestion. Each worker should be allowed to attend their workplace every alternate day so that they do not have to go out everyday.
• Transportation system should be strictly supervised to ensure maintenance of social distancing. Buses must be instructed to take passenger at least 5 lesser in number than the number of seats available. Taxis, call cabs, autorickshaws and totos should not take more than 3 to 4 passengers on a single ride. One person is preferred for motorbike or bicycle riding and also for manually pulled rickshaws. Crowding must not be allowed in any way taking note of the present situation.
• Restaurants should be instructed to prefer home deliveries maintaining a good hygiene and of course, an adequate distance between the delivery man and the customer. Otherwise, a single restaurant should not allow more than a limited number of customers per day. Workers of restaurants should also be allowed to work every alternate day.
• People of age group lesser than 10 and more than 60 should be strictly instructed to stay inside home since they harbour greater risks of catching infections.
• Public places entertaining good enough chances of gathering like shopping malls, gyms should not be opened in any way. All street markets should be rigorously kept closed amidst the rapid spreading of the virus.
• Educational institutions must not be reopened the next month because it is impossible to maintain distance between students the whole day. These should remain closed till the pandemic comes under a little control.
• Examinations of schools and universities must be conducted only and only in online mode letting the students be within the safety of their own home.
• Competitive examinations for jobs or admissions in medical and engineering colleges must be cancelled this year (as are done by AIIMS and JIPMER) or at least delayed until the present situation fully normalises. It is totally impossible to maintain social distance among such a huge number of students and their guardians in a single examination centre because these exams cannot be attended from one's home. This must be applied at least in the states witnessing a vast number of Covid-19 cases like West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, etc.
• Uses of masks, sanitizers, hand gloves and other useful protections must be made compulsory for everyone going out for keeping themselves from catching infections. 

•Any religious acts or necessary rituals should not be allowed to conduct presently. If the ritual is very much necesary to conduct recently, then it should be strictly instructed to be done only with a limited number of family members with required protections and no outsiders must be invited.
• There must not be any relaxation of lockdown in the contentment zones and the aforesaid restrictions must be pursued in order of ensure people's safety and prevent spreading of Covid-19 or else the green and orange zones will soon be converted into red zones and the country will demand a complete lockdown again thus, shattering the economy a second time.
• Any people found to be violating the rules and not following the instructions should be immediate fined and punished. 

Please sign this petition and support us so that our concerns can reach our respected PM and our requests are accepted. Your vote can save our motherland and each Indian citizen. 

PLEASE SIGN IT NOW to rebuild a better and healthy India! 

Thank you! Jai Hind!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!