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The recent lockdown in Bhilwara (Rajasthan) shows that Doctors are not immune to the COVID-19 which is creating a havoc for people across the globe. Our doctors are working tirelessly. Kasturba Gandhi Hospital and KEM Hospital (the only 2 hospitals in Mumbai testing for COVID 19 at present) are independently doing 150+ cases a day. For a country like India which has only 52 COVID 19 testing  centres, our doctors are tired, stressed and extremely at risk of contracting the virus themselves. While janta curfew is an honorable measure, the pressing need of the hour is to ensure our doctors have personal protective equipment at the very least. PPE for doctors is a global demand and an effective way of ensuring their safety. Let's remember the fact that the number of properly  trained and experienced doctors that we have is limited. We also need specific instructions from the Healthcare Ministry for the production of PPE at mass scale . Newspaper Reports indicate that infections have occured in medical professionals due to the shortage of PPE. The human rights of our healthcare workers should be of utmost priority.