Population control policy - most important for generations to come

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Ever increasing population is the biggest problem for India as of today. The slogans of 1970, "Hum do Humare do" is still far from reality even after 47 years.

The Government of India by now has failed to make a policy and implement it with strong steps. It needs to take decisive steps to control Population (curb Govt. Schemes benefit, no Govt/PSU jobs to such parents who are contributing to this problem.) The increasing population which is exploding like anything is making our country scarce of resources for basic livelihood. 

India is increasingly becoming a country tough to live because of issues such as unemployment, excessive traffic, lack of medical facilities, good schools etc. And this is all because of our exploding population.

Government of India needs to bravely take certain decisions without discrimnating between different religion's and beliefs.

It should ensure that the upper class and the middle class don't leave India for better and safe living for their generations to come.