Population Control Bill is the utmost necessity for protecting Human Rights in India

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India is still a poor country with limited resources. Population explosion has meant that a large population remains poor, malnourished and uneducated.

A very large population has also meant that there is a lot of pressure on already limited Urban infrastructure and there is hidden unemplyoment in rural India. The resulting unemployment and lack of resources has also meant that there is a race to have a first right on resources which is leading to social frictions.

Hence, to make our India become more prosperous, stable with equal opportunities for all, we need to have a population control law. While max 2 child norm should be made compulsory, communities with higher fertility rates should be restricted to having only 1 child to ensure that there is no demographic shift to avoid any social frictions in the future. Also because those communities who have higher fertility rates are often lesser educated, poorer and unhealthy, their population needs to be controlled much more strictly to ensure better social and economic parameters.

Strong legal actions and financial disincentives should be there to ensure that the law is properly implemented and followed by all citizens. Government of India should treat it as urgent and bring the Population Control Bill.