PM-CARES FUND: Statewise and sector or department-wise disbursement, usage of the fund?

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On 28th March 2020, the Government of India set up the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Fund [PM- CARES Fund] for providing relief to those affected in emergency situations such as the one currently posed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

As per media reports in less than one week, PM-CARES had collected Rs. 6,500 crores of being set up. Many CSR foundations had also been asked to put money into it. However, currently there is no official information on the website on the total amount collected or how it is being disbursed or utilised.

This becomes all the more critical, as the PM-CARES will not be audited by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG). A CAG audit would have brought a level of transparency, since the reports are public, and thus open to public scrutiny. Instead, as per the FAQs of the website, the fund “will be audited by one or more qualified independent auditor(s) who will be appointed by the Trustees.”

It is our right as citizens of India to know “How The Government of India Is Planning To Utilize The PM-CARES Fund”. 

At the minimum, people should have the following information:-

  1. The total amount collected in the fund in real-time
  2. The total amount disbursed in the fund in real-time
  3. State-wise and sector or department-wise disbursement and usage of the fund
  4. The details of who will audit the fund 

Therefore I request you to sign this petition and request the Prime Minister to bring transparency to the administration and utilization of The PM-CARES Fund.

This level of transparency towards the citizens of India will build the credibility of the government for years to come. Thank you.