Petition for change in rent law in India

Petition for change in rent law in India

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Started by Yashdeep Singh

The rent law in India is archaic and has no relevant to the present liberalised economy. Many of the real estate properties lie vacant because the landlord is afraid of the giving the same on rent. 

It is required to 2 landmark amendments in the law as follows:-

1.) Termination of tenancy by Notice. Landlord should be entitled to terminate both commercial and residential tenancy and gain possession of his properties by serving a periodic notice of 1 months for residential and 3 months for commercial tenancy. 

2.) Revision of rent should be equitable to the existing market rates of rent in the vicinity. 

The aforesaid pathbreaking amendments will go a long way in ensuring equity and semblance and the landlords will get rid of the fear of losing their properties by giving them on rent. Thus, many additional properties will be listed for rent and the rents will become more realistic as a component of demand and supply.

18 have signed. Let’s get to 25!