Mandatory Pension to farmers after 60 years for ensuring food security to nation

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Farmers of the country take the pain of ensuring food security to the country taking all risks at their own cost throughout his/her life. They work day and night, in hot sun or in rain, without bothering about their own health. The motto is to ensure food security to the nation. They are like gamblers. They year they get good crops, they don't get price to their produces thus suffering net loss every year. Throughout their life, they go through the painful surviving.

On the contrary, the government employees (excluding the armed forces), live a happy life throughout their tenure of service at the cost of taxpayers (a great chunk of them are these farmers). After their retirement also, they enjoy the same benefits so that their spouse, children live a happy life. why?

Why not similar retirement pension shall not be fixed for every farmer who live a selfless life for ensuring food security of the nation? The Government of India as well as State Governments shall formulate appropriate policy/ scheme to provide retirement benefits/ pension to each farmer of the nation, with immediate effect.

Prasen Raptan