New Law against rapists in India

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(I will try to be as blunt as I can...)

As you've already heard and saw on the news, Asifa Bano was raped and killed, her body was found on 17th of January 2018. She was just 8 years old!

This proves either of the two things:

  1. Our Daughters, Mothers and Sisters are not secure anymore in this so called Incredible India! or
  2. Our System is not that powerful to detect and eliminate the potential threat before it can even take place.

What do we did?

We protested, nobody heard us!

What do we want now ? (because protesting is drama for you all!)

We want a full future proof law that will not only give justice to the girls who have been raped, physically touched, harassed and abused but will ensure that these cases of rapes/harassment may never happen again.

We want a law that can help a girl if she is

  1. Raped: Sexually Abused- We want death penalty sentenced to the criminal(who has been proven guilty) or any equivalent punishment where the criminal will have to die for the crime he did.
  2. Harassed and Physically Touched- We want at least 2 to 10 years imprisonment sentenced to the criminal(who has been proven guilty) on the basis of intensity of the crime. THERE SHOULD BE NO POSSIBILITY OF BAIL whatsoever. And heavy penalty to the criminal's family so that people may ask their sons/brothers/fathers to behave!

This is the voice of an average Indian girl who is a MOTHER, a SISTER, a DAUGHTER of our country INDIA, who doesn't feel secure in our India. What is the use of the slogan "Bharat Mata ki Jai" when our own daughters, sisters, and mothers no longer feel secure in India ?!

Sir, You really need to wake up.

Eagerly waiting for the news of new RULE / LAW against rapists and harassers.

Thank you