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My tax is being misused - #RapistRamRahim

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The scenes that unfolded before our eyes on 25-Aug in Haryana, just 10 days from the 71st anniversary of our Independence, goes beyond the realm of understanding.

I cannot comprehend why the State government was so lax? I fail to understand as to why a rapist and fraud was able to hold the State hostage. I know not why 30 Indians had to die by the ruckus caused by a criminal whose brain is as empty as his pockets are deep. Why did my Government stoop so low? 

Is this why we call ourselves Indians? Is this why we are made to abide by the law? While a common citizen like you and me, is hauled up for offences that are seemingly trivial (not wearing helmet), is harassed, is intimidated with consequences; a rapist with politicians in his pocket (or rather his socks going by their genuflection) is able to walk like he owns the State. 

Is this why I pay my taxes? So that powerful criminals like #RapistRamRahim & Sasikala can get VVIP treatment in 'jails'? They get to drink mineral water while half my country is suffering from draught! They are chauffeured in helicopters from courts to jails while patients in ambulances pray that they do not meet hooligans & louts on the road they take; these hooligans who are on the payroll of criminals like Ram Rahim.

Its unfortunate that the brothers of my nation prefer to fall before the SUV of this rapist as he makes his way to the court. It only goes to show how backward we are in our thinking. It goes to show that even after 7 decades of being free, nothing has been done to uplift us from the morass we call ignorance. 

While there are laws to punish me if I err, these rascals go scot free. The law should be the same for every Indian. I do not want the taxes I pay to be misused this way. The money I pay is hard earned. India is sacred to us. But politicians have crossed the limits of sensibility several times. They can do so at their own cost, but not mine and definitely not yours. 

I seek a rebate from the Ministry of Finance from the taxes I pay. I want the Ministry to write off that portion of my tax which goes to the 'welfare & comfort' of criminals like Ram Rahim.

This is not how I want my tax money to be used & this insolence by politicians cannot be tolerated anymore.

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