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Most of IT companies forcefully holds women to work extra hours in office or from home.

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In today's time  IT is playing crucial role in our society.

It transform whole the world. People which are associated with IT companies are facing many problems like extra work on weekends, bonus criteria,notice period time, and other issues also but they can be negotiable but my point of concern is "Extra working hours".

Some IT companies bond employees to work extra (more than 48 hours a week ).That is ok sometimes till it reach to 4 to 5 hours but when the hours count increases then not only the employee who is going to be suffer from all this but also his/her family.

Extra working hours(2 to 3) is ok when your work is pending because of you but this is not fine if it become a schedule of your work because if you raise your voice then either your bonus will be deducted or it directly effect to your appraisal.

Many small IT companies pay very less to their employees and expect to work 24*7 as they signed the employees with their bond conditions and employees have to go through because they have no other option and if some of them have then they either switch the company or quit to job in IT companies. 

Their are many companies who put employees to choose whether they want to do extra hours and they pay regarding to this. This case is not that affect anymore because employees are offered to pay more if they work extra(on their choice without any force)

What is the employees fault here? Specially for girls... They leave their home to accomplish their dreams ... If they reach late to home what kind of problems they have to go through? Is anybody notice that? They have to hire auto or taxi.. or if they wait to bus stop what kind of people they have deal with? Lot of undigested questions messing my mind and may be some of others also.

If their is a rule to work maximum 48 hours a week then why some companies don't take it seriously? Why they are becoming so desperate? Because.....

Because their is set of rules not bond for which any person can raise their voice and get justiciable without getting harrassed ...

This have to be change... 

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