Memorandum by IMA-MSN as of 14 June 2019 #stopviolence #savethesaviour

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Recently, Dr. Paribaha Mukherjee and Dr. Yash Tekwani in N.R.S. Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata suffered a life-threatening assault. These doctors were on duty at night, and upon the death of an elderly patient, around 150 to 200 people representing said patient’s family were called upon to beat them up. Following this brutal attack, Dr. Paribaha is now fighting for his life. The peaceful agitation by medicos following this heinous act, was responded to more such attacks on doctors.

We believe that every professional has the right to a safe working environment and we condemn any form of violence against the medical profession. All we want, as health workers, is a sense of security. Such events will only succeed in demoralizing the medical fraternity and will ultimately adversely affect patient safety and care. We resolve to defend our profession in the face of crisis and to stand in unison to protect our rights as medical professionals.

We look forward to the following actions:

1.       The existing laws must be strengthened and enforced in full effect to deal with such instances of assault on doctors. We demand the Central Act on Violence against doctors and Hospitals.

2.       All of the accused must be penalized without bail and this case should set a precedent.

3.       A proper system to ensure the security of healthcare workers in Government set-up, extending to cover Private sector as well, must be set in place.