Make it compulsory for every factory in India to plant and maintain 1 lakh trees .

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There's a lot of pollution . And factories and Industries emit a lot of green house gases causing global warming.And due to it it has become intolerable to go out in sun. It can cause many severe skin disease and severe other problems.there are some factories in my area which are deteriorating the atmosphere and it's my loss for their personal gains,So I think they should compensate the loss they do to nature.So

  1.  I think it should be made compulsory for every polluting(air,water,sound,land etc.) factory in India to plant and maintain 1 lakh trees.
  2. Carry out their census every year and give the data to govt.
  3. And if any organization is failed to do so govt should take strict action and also cancel their license if needed.
  4. Government can also reduce some of the taxes on industry for these expenses