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Make army service mandatory for students of publicly funded universities in India

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Its a travesty that the very students who do not feel even a modicum of gratitude towards the state that is funding their eduction, in the hope that they will one day be at the helm guiding our country to new heights, are so unabashed in their criticism of the state policy, its ideals and more often and more specifically its military.

For them, yelling from rooftops, throwing stones at their professors, raising slogans against the country, its constitution and the very principles it was built upon is a fad, a vogue, and to think of that its all done in the garbs of "right to freedom of expression", a right entrusted upon them by the very state they  criticise, points to their unbecoming as students.

 It's no secret that some of these student unions, who claim to be bellwether of a new movement  which, on surface, seek to speak for the rights of Kashmiris or Naxalites, but in reality is just another ploy to target the idea of a unified India, are funded by the forces that can't digest that India has been able to remain undivided, and in fact have gotten even stronger and united by the day.

We need to act now. We have to stop looking at it as merely an ideologic war between rightists and leftists. It is a parasite that is sucking away the very nector that's kept us unified so far. We can not have these infected unions have a free run any more.

Seeing the actions of university students, who study on tax payers money, we feel they should have to mandatorily serve Indian army for 2 years.

There is no better way to bring about some discipline and much needed patriotism in them than to have them mandatorily serve/train under Indian defence forces for 2 years. This will help us two fold. First it will help these student union to see the other picture- from the eyes of military itself. Second, it will  buttress the strength of Indian defence forces.

 If an unruly kid can't be educated, parents should and must go hard on them. Teach them about nationalism and loving their country.

We pay our taxes, from which a portion is spend on these people's education, who have beliefs and work towards dividing our nation and support Anti national sentiments and elements.

Few people can only be trained and not educated.

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