Make ALL Menstrual Products Plastic-Free

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Each year in India, Sanitary Pads (including their packaging) generate more than 10,000 Tonnes of waste!

Some menstrual pads can contain up to four plastic bags worth of plastic, that's around 90% of each product! These products are constantly being produced & disposed off, and are very toxic to the Environment. 

With about 121 Million Indian Women using disposable menstrual products, why can't they be Convenient, Reliable & Eco-friendly??

This is why it is essential that manufacturers change their mainstream products and packaging to be both plastic free and biodegradable – so that these mass produced essentials are accessible to everybody and we are not having a harmful impact on our wildlife and planet.

I’m calling on the companies that make Whisper, Stayfree, Always, Sofy, Kotex, etc., and Supermarkets to make their menstrual products both Plastic Free and Biodegradable.

This petition covers menstrual Pads/Towels & Tampons including their APPLICATORS, WRAPPERS & PACKAGING.

Our menstrual pads have an everlasting impact on our Planet (at least 600-800 years)!

These products DON'T need to be plastic, which is why I am petitioning to put an END to this Unnecessary Waste.

Please sign, share and let's #EndPeriodPlastic together!

Thank you for supporting the campaign!


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