Maintain Social Distancing in grocery and vegetable market

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Social distancing is the main point to overcome this COVID-19 spread. But this is not maintained while we are at the market for our daily needs. There is a lockdown all over India, so when we are going to the local shop, we found that there is a mass gathering in the shop. Which is very much dangerous in this situation.

But we can overcome this gathering by using our daily worker friends who have nothing to do in this lockdown situation. We can give them a job to deliver daily need items to the household by maintaining a proper plan(such as helpline no, supervise by local club members, etc) and paid them with our government's 100 days work plan. In this way, we also help them as well as social distancing is maintained.

So, I request you to please sign this petition to ask the Government to implement this plan in a proper way, so we can maintain this lockdown(social distancing) scenario 100%.