Legalize Marijuana In India

What is taking so long for decriminalizing cannabis?
How can we do more than just signing a petition?
There has to be some governmental way to make this possible?

I used to think drug war is a kind of war that is fought between government and peddlers.
I was so wrong.
But the truth that I have come to realize is that it's war which is not just out there but also in the houses of young minds who choose to smoke pot and between parents because they believe in it (everyone is scared of the unknown)

I no longer can take this Injustice.
My parents have lost faith in me because of 1937 law made by few rich to control a mass.

We have to lie and hide about this from society, which psychological leads to suppression of guilt, shame, fear, sadness in us.

It is true that any nasha could be abused, danger is real! But fear is just an illusion. And balance is the key.

6 years ago
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