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Legalize Marijuana

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Since we all know Marijuana was banned in 1985 by then GoI under pressure from U.S.Govt. , by enacting this poor law NDPS Act. Given the fact , the cannabis plant holds a significant importance in Hinduism, & its consumption was a way of life till 1985, so it must be legalized.

Scientifically there are no harmful effects by its consumption. What's astonishing is that Marijuana has been clubbed with other hardcore drugs in NDPS Act. Why not ban Alcohol by whose consumption many die.Why interfere in people's way of living. But the govt. cannot ban alcohol so what if the thousands die by its consumption because it brings the tax money. 

The medicinal value of cannabis is well known that's why under the pressure of foreign govt. & Pvt. Companies , the govt banned its possession.

The poorly thought out NDPS Act has actually created a drug problem when there was none . Look at the states of Punjab , New Delhi, etc. Now there are synthetic hardcore drugs in the market which came into existence by the result of this poor law. So in a way govt of India failed to meet its objective. 

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