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Legal age of marriage of boys should be 18

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In India, people can do government jobs at the age of 18. The government can give 18 year olds , the responsibility to handle work which is related to our country. But, men can't marry a women unless they are 21. 

In India, the legal age for voting for both male and female is 18. The government thinks that 18 year old men and women are mature enough to decide the future of their country. Then , why are Indian men not mature enough to marry a person of their choice legally.

For driving, the legal age is 18. It is of so much risk that if there happens an accident, then not only the driver but an innocent may also die. But government thinks that 18 year olds are mature enough to drive . But , they are not mature enough to marry someone.


In india, still most of the well educated families difference between boys and girls. They start looking for well earning bridegrooms for their daughters while the daughter has just passed her 12th standard examination and is in her 1st year of college. Let us suppose that she loves a boy who is her classmate so much that she can't imagine spending her whole life with sone other person. Irony is that even if she is legally ready to marry a person of her choice(since the legal age for marriage for girls in India is 18), she can't. Because her boyfriend is still 18 or 19 and is not legally allowed to marry. Now, what will that girl do... This is where, girls end their life. Theh suicide or they are killed in the name of honor killing.

I am facing the same issue. My girlfriend want to graduate and stand on her own feet before her marriage but her parents, being of backward mentality, have decided to marry her to an engineer. She is 19 and can legally marry the person of her choice but I am still 19 and I can't marry her unless I am 21... WHY??? Why this discrimination.... Just why !

Please sign this petition and help me and other boys like me so that we can save the life of girls from getting ruined. 

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