Justice for our Daughters in India

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We the undersigned, are writing this letter with an enormous pain in our heart about something for which all Indians should be ashamed. We are really concerned about the safety of women in India including children who are even less than 5 years old. A family in India is afraid to have a girl child, thinking that their daughter might be raped at any time, at any place. We are living in a society with all our worst nightmare which is happening in our real life.

Rape has become a daily news in India and it may be a news or another incident for you or many other families; but we should not wait for something to happen to our dearest ones to raise our voice. Before it becomes too late, we should come together and take a prompt step against these rapists. otherwise; soon, India will be known as a country where a girl can be raped anytime without taking any action against the convicts.

Each time a rape is reported, the society reacts with anger and outrage, which regrettably dies down and is forgotten, until the next time. This terrible crime needs day to day hearings and immediate justice. It is the high time to change things by punishing the convicts which can make a strong impact and will be set as an example. It is our humble request that please do not make rape as political or religious issue, simply because it is not. Raping women (including child) is a brutal and shameful incident and the convicts should be punished immediately, there should not be any other way.

Among the many rape cases of young girls, we would like to remind you of a couple of them. Nobody can forget what happened in 2012 in Delhi with Nirbhaya . She was beaten and then gang-raped by six people inside a driving bus. After raping, she was penetrated with a rusted metal rod which caused massive damage to her genitals, uterus and intestines and then thrown out of the bus. Finally, after 13 days, bearing so much pain, she died in a hospital in Singapore. She was fearless and the last thing she wanted that the rapists should be punished. Hearing the incident, our blood boils, isn’t it? But, which makes it even worse is that, even after more than five years after the assault, her culprits are still alive !!!(except one of them committed suicide in police custody). On 10th September 2013, the culprits (adults) of this horrifying incident were sentenced to death by hanging and now we are in 2018 and we are still waiting for justice. It is logical, if justice is not served on time, people cease to be afraid of law.

While we are tired of inactivity in taking immediate action against the rapists, India got another terrible shock when an 8-year-old girl who had been raped and murdered in January 2018 in Khatua. Her body was found in the forest of Rassana on January 17, a week after she was missing. She had been drugged with a sedative before she was raped multiple times over 3 days by different men and finally, she had been strangled to death, as well as hit in the head with a heavy stone. While she was strangled, one of the men allegedly insisted on raping her one last time. Initially, police were reluctant to lodge a missing report, instead the victim’s family and the people who were campaigning for justice was constantly harassed and frightened. Even after her body was discovered, the necessary process of investigation including collection of evidence and recording of statements was not adequately done. The media and many political leaders made it a religious issue, but this unimaginable brutal incident is a planned horror story beyond sexual violence, a crime against humanity. If we can not understand this, then how heartless have we become ???

That innocent 8-year-old was a girl of our motherland. Just take a moment and think if this 8-year-old was someone of your family, what would have been your situation and would you not raise your voice for immediate justice?? If the justice for humanity takes so long, we will loose our faith in law. We call upon the government of India to put an end to the horrifying politicization and serve an immediate justice for this shocking and vicious incident.

Rape needs to be stopped, its high time now . I request everyone to come together and  FIGHT AGAINST RAPE by signing the petition and ask the government and the law makers to change the LAWS AGAINST RAPE . It does not matter, if the victim is 5 years old or 50 years old, the rapists should get the extreme punishment.

We demand capital punishment for the rapists. These shameless human beings must be hanged to death irrespective of age or gender.