Is Indian Law only for HIM?

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Under various Acts and Provisions of Indian Law, each statement has been explained with reference to the male counterpart and hence, he/him/his has been made use of, we want gender neutral language to be used.

Please give equal status to the Female counterpart in Indian society and replace he/him/his with he/she, him/her, his/her in laws.

We, the Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies (for Women) - SVIMS are a young B-school in Pune with a strong academic legacy. We resonate our Revered Founder's dream of empowering women students to take on leadership roles in business and society.

As part of the curriculum, our students read various laws and Acts. The appalling aspect they face is that, in each of these laws where there is reference to a person or individual, it says He/Him/His!


In the 21st century, where our country and the world is looking towards achieving gender parity and equality in every domain, it is only fair to expect that our law books in India move in sync with the times rejecting ancient patriarchal conventions borrowed from colonial law writing.

We ask each one of  YOU to sign this petition towards making a vital CHANGE in the way LAWS are WRITTEN in India.

Let's make the change happen now!

Thank YOU for joining us in making history.